• My trip to Lesotho

    My trip to Lesotho

    Visiting a new place is always exciting. This year we traveled to Southern Africa for my brother's wedding, Lesotho to be precise. Our wife is a national. To be honest, I didn'...
  • Wardrobe Swap 2017 – In Pictures

    Wardrobe Swap 2017 – In Pictures

    Hey fashion lovers! As you all know we had the second edition of our wardrobe swap on Saturday the 22nd of July 2017.  It was so much fun, I was so excited to see a lot of you, esp...
  • Wardrobe Swap- the final countdown

    Wardrobe Swap- the final countdown

                     We have just a few days left to our Wardrobe swap!!! I'm super excited and a little anxious... hehe. It's this Saturday, o boy! Remember to come along with your...
  • Wardrobe Swap Commercial

    Wardrobe Swap Commercial

    Click for more information on the wardrobe swap In case you haven't completely made up your mind to attend our wardrobe swap, 'imma let you in on a little secret... F...
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